We have officially launched our first Crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to support the first 3 Breakfast Clubs. Check out our link below to take a look at our campaign and support our cause:



What is the project?

We are launching our first 3 Breakfast Clubs across South and East London. These Breakfast Clubs are for everyone aged 10-12. We will be inviting children from all the neighbouring schools to apply. This is a FREE project to attend and we will have 15 spaces on each club.


What will you do with the funding?

We need funding to help launch our first 3 Breakfast Clubs across London, there will be 15 spaces on each Club so we will be able to take on 45 students in this first year.

We need to raise at least £5,000 to be able to register to become an official charity which will open doors for us to be able to apply for government funding and grants.

We are trying to raise £7,000 which will pay for:

Breakfast = £6pp x 15 children x 10 sessions = £900 x 3 Clubs = £2,700

Field Trips (2 field trips per Club) = £15pp x 15 x 2 = £450 x 3 Clubs = £1,350

Venue = £50 x 10 session x 3 Clubs = £1,500

Training Volunteers (including venue hire and trainer) = £500

Website = £500

Branding, Logos & Social Media Set Up = £200

Printing of course materials per student = £5 x 45 = £225

Total = £6,975

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