Our Anti‐Racism Resources for Teachers. Download our Anti Racism Teaching Resources.

We have created an easy anti-racist education resource pack with fun activities and discussions that teachers can implement into any classroom. We have included some activities, discussion points and a helpful guide for teachers on how they can be anti-racism allies. These anti-racism resources for teachers can be adapted for any age.

We have developed the anti-racism resources for teachers pack so it can be used without any past content and still delivers impactful lessons with each activity. At Breakfast Clubs Against Racism, we aim to deliver anti-racist education that keeps young people engaged and wanting to learn more.




Download our Anti‐Racism Resources for Teachers

The aim of this resource pack is to deliver easy anti-racist education that can be used by teachers across the country in any classroom. We believe it is important to have accessible anti-racism resources for teachers to start introducing the discussions in their classrooms.

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