We are Breakfast Clubs Against Racism. An anti racism charity combatting inequality through education.

Breakfast Clubs Against Racism is an anti racism charity launching a series of free Breakfast clubs for children aged 10-12. Starting in September 2021 with the goal of combatting racial discrimination.

Founded by Lara Sengupta, we have developed Breakfast Clubs Against Racism to deliver anti-racism and leadership skills to young people.

We are targeting this age as this is young enough so the students are aware of the topic of race but have not yet developed fully instilled biases.

We will launch our first Breakfast Clubs in 3 groups across South and East London. We want to create the next generation of inclusive leaders that can bring the change we need for ultimate equality.



Lara Sengupta is the Director and Founder of Breakfast Clubs Against Racism.

This anti racism charity is inspired by Lara’s personal experience of being a racialised minority child and then adult growing up in London.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has highlighted the lack of representation of Black, Asian and racialised minority citizens and inequal treatment compared to white citizens. These failures span across the school system, the media, healthcare and much more.

The individual experiences of Lara and the inspiration of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement were critical in the creation of this project. Breakfast Clubs Against Racism was born.

We want to teach children that difference is beautiful and this beauty can lead us to an equal world.

When the world doesn't hear you. You must create your own change.

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