We are now delivering workshops teaching anti racism in schools. We are currently working with schools in London and beyond to deliver engaging anti racism workshops to Year 6, 7 & 8. We work with schools to offer bespoke programmes that can fit into curriculum time and work with different school schedules. Its so important that this education is provided to young people of all races and backgrounds, to create a new generation of leaders striving for racial equality.


Pick a some dates that work for your school to schedule in our 3 core sessions. These core sessions are delivered by our in house facilitator. Our core sessions are 1.5 hours long and we usually break a year group into 3 smaller groups and deliver back to back sessions to the 3 groups. You can space the 3 dates over 1 term.

Core Session 1 ‐ Introduction to Racism

Exploring what racism means, how it operates and how we can spot it. We focus on the theoretic framework of the 3 levels of racism, personal racism, institutional racism and internal racial. We delve deeper into understanding internal racism and how non-white minorities can carry negative self-talk simply from growing up as a minority. We use videos, role playing games and mini debates to explore diversity and how it benefits everyone. The students will leave the session with some key take home points and new terms for them to to digest and put into practice.


Core Session 2 ‐ Exploring History & Combatting Stereotypes

In this session, we explore British history, how history has been recorded and why we commonly hear about some versions of history and not others. We compare versions of history that are commonly heard with lesser-known versions. We create an understanding of how British history impacts on the world we live in today, who is dominant in society and who is stereotyped in society. We look at the cycle of oppression and how to combat it, including encouraging the students to notice how they stereotype, and how to undo these thought patterns. We include how to challenge stereotypes and become allies to each other.


Core Session 3 ‐ Combatting Racism For a Better World

In this session we explore different leadership styles, look at diverse leaders and role models and analyse what qualities they might have. Students are encouraged to identify what qualities they have that could make them a leader or an activist. Students are challenged to radically reimagine what equality should look like in our society and the radical changes they would make to create it. We give the students some time to prepare a short presentation with a friend and then invite some teams up to share their ideas. This final session creates self-reflection and accountability of how they could make a positive impact on the world.



We encourage all schools to have a full school assembly on anti‐racism. In order to create cultural change in an institution such as a school, everyone needs access to a foundational knowledge on anti‐racism. Add on a whole school assembly to the morning of one of our sessions and our facilitator will arrive early to deliver a 30‐minute assembly.


We will provide your Year 7 or 8 teaching staff with lesson plans and classroom resources to be able to lead and additional 2 modules, that can be taught as part of a PSHE class or an afterschool activity.

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