The Curriculum.

We are Breakfast Clubs Against Racism. Sign up to our upcoming Breakfast Clubs! You can sign up via our enrollment page.

Each Breakfast Club will be run as a 10-week project, every Saturday morning during term time. The outline for each session will be the following:




Change is possible. Change is coming.









Week 1: Introduction to the project

Introduction to different types of racism (institutional, personally mediated, and internalized). Why individuals do/do not talk about race. Who benefits from diversity and anti-racism.

Week 2: Exploring British History

Information of Britain's role in the slave trade and colonialism. Biases in how British history is told & challenging old myths. How we can all benefit from being educated on our history.

Week 3:

Field Trip (Location TBC)

Week 4: Race and The Media

How different races are portrayed by British media. Challenging stereotypes. Exploring the cycle of oppression.

Week 5: Positive Role Models

Students will give a presentation (which they will have prepared at home) on a role model of their choice.

Week 6: Exploring Privilege

Exploring what white privilege means, how it operates in society and how we can all combat racism no matter when race we are.

Week 7: Race and Law Enforcement

Exploring racial bias within law enforcement, knowing your rights, guest speaker from a South London criminal law firm, exploring the George Floyd case study. How to pursue a career in the judicial system.

Week 8:

Field Trip (Location TBC)

Week 9: Leadership and Self-Belief

What it means to be a leader. Everyone can be a leader. Exploring self-confidence and how to boost self esteem.

Week 10: Tackling Racism for a Better Future

The Grand Finale! Each student will do a short presentation on how they would change the world for a more equal and positive future, and why they are the best person for the job.